Brunch Platter


  • Egg Salad Sandwich Quarter
    A combination of egg, lettuce, chives and spring onion on fresh white or whole-wheat bread
  • Macon And Leek Cocktail Quiche
    Smokey macon and creamy leeks pack a delicious savoury bite
  • Crumbed Mushroom Kebabs
    Crumbed Mushroom Kebabs, served with our home-made Tartare Sauce
  • Tartar Sauce
    Tangy mayonnaise with gherkins, capers and parsley
  • Cocktail Chicken And Mushroom Pie
    Our home made cocktail pies, packed with creamy chicken and mushroom ragu
  • Roast Beef And Horseradish Bruschetta
    Crisp garlic bruschetta, topped with rocket, horseradish cream and tender rare roast beef
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