Hospitality Boxes

We offer catering for Hospitality Boxes in Cape Town

We have put together a selection of innovative and “different” menus to WOW your guests at your hospitality boxes. All of these menus are designed specifically to be delivered and held so that you can enjoy tasty food while you enjoy the game.

All items are served in suitable containers so that you or your guests can pick up your/their choice and take it out onto the balcony and not miss a moment’s excitement!

Every dish is prepared especially for your order with the freshest ingredients and made on the day.

Orders to be placed by Tuesday for a Friday game and Wednesday for a Saturday game.
Quantities are based on a box accommodating 25 guests – if your numbers differ we can adjust the quantities (Minimum 20 pax)
For boxes with less than 20, have a look at our PLATTERS MENU
Catering Entry Passes to be at our offices by:
For Saturday games: Friday 12h00
For Friday games: Thursday 12h00