Terms and Conditions

DEPOSIT: To confirm your booking, we require a 75 % deposit and a detailed confirmation sheet, signed for acceptance.
NUMBERS: Numbers of people to cater for must be confirmed 1 (one) week prior to the function and those numbers will be catered for and charged for.
BALANCE: Balance due Prior to delivery.
LOSS: All losses / breakages to property of the Business of Catering or any of its subcontractors will be billed to you at the replacement value plus 14% VAT.
PART CATERING: We do not do “part” catering as this interferes with the integrity of our product. Except in situations where we are confident that our product will not be confused with that of another service provider.
PRICES: We reserve the right to amend prices should our cost price fluctuate beyond our reasonable control.
FLEXIBILITY: Whilst we – at all times – strive to be flexible, all items changed after we have purchased their ingredients, will be charged for at full quoted price.
SUBSTITUTIONS: Should an ingredient, for any reason, be unavailable we reserve the right to replace it with a suitable substitute.
VALIDITY: Quotes are valid for 30 days. Kindly contact The Business of Catering for an extension.
CANCELLATIONS: The organizers of the function will be liable for the following in the event of the function being cancelled:

LEGAL ACTION: In the event of the Business of Catering instituting legal action against you for any reason, you agree that any ruling in our favour shall include all costs, commissions and interest incurred as a result of the dispute which gave rise to legal action being taken.

Cheque Account
Branch: Wynberg
Branch number: 632005
Acc Number: 40-7857-3893